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Last week, I bought a Mamiya 645 1000S and a few lenses off a contractor at work. Looks like I'm back to shooting film1 now; although if I'm going to deal with all the negatives of film (no pun intended), 35mm is something I don't ever plan on going back to, other than to run some Velvia rolls on a friend's Canon PC lens. (He's got a 5D, and I'll dust off the old Elan II body for this occasion.)

Unfortunately, while I exposed one roll of Provia 100F and got some good pictures, my shiny new scanner won't arrive until next week, so JPGs will have to wait.

Next on the agenda: Maybe head up to the quarry or Birdlip once it stops raining—which could potentially happen as early as Thursday.

1Not exclusively, of course — I still like my D300.

backerman: Two meerkittens being cute (Default)

Need to bloody crash. Put in two hours of work today after finishing unloading the truck, too. In the meantime, a ridiculously cute picture from strike:


backerman: Two meerkittens being cute (Default)
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