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The Marriott Hunt Valley Inn appears to have an extremely frakked-up wireless network -- it's assigning client addresses in a completely different netblock from the default gateway. This problem appears to be popping up in Linux for some reason, although my Android phone works fine. The solution:

sudo route add -net ath0
sudo route add default gw

You will now be able to type a random URL into a browser and click through to teh Intarwebs. THIS HAS BEEN THE VOICE OF THE MYSTER-OPS. WE KNOW YOU CAN HEAR US, EARTH FEN.
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I was running around too much to actually attend anything, but I got a few good pictures, like so:

Carcassonne board at Balticon

(Update: This photo isn't all that sharp if you blow it up to 8x10, which shows you that while a 70-200 f/2.8 VR is a very fine lens, it's not a good substitute for a macro.)
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Need to bloody crash. Put in two hours of work today after finishing unloading the truck, too. In the meantime, a ridiculously cute picture from strike:


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